Best Topical CBD Creams For Muscle and Joint Pain

Whether it’s a nagging shoulder pain, achy knee, or a twinge in the back of your neck, you probably know when something isn’t quite right. CBD topicals can help you feel better by targeting specific areas and delivering relief where it is most needed. They also moisturize the skin and can include other ingredients like menthol for a cooling sensation, which some people find adds to the soothing benefits.

Does CBD lotion put you to sleep?

Unlike ingestible products, which require your stomach to break down the CBD, a CBD cream is applied directly to the skin so it can reach trouble spots more quickly. These best topical cbd can be particularly helpful for pain in tight muscles and joints, such as after a workout. Some people who have nerve damage experience a reduction in painful, sharp sensations when using a CBD cream applied to the skin.

One of the best CBD creams for muscle and joint pain is the Charlotte’s Web peppermint hemp-infused roll-on with CBD. This high-potency oil is perfect for pain in the hands, feet, and arms and can also relieve neuropathic pain and arthritis.

Another good CBD cream is the eucalyptus-infused Hemp & Olive Skin Balm from Soul CBD. This company was founded to produce higher-quality CBD products with triple quality assurance and independent lab testing. Their products, including this skin cream, use CBD that is extracted from organic and US-grown hemp with CO2 extraction to keep solvents out of the process. They also have a 60-day money-back guarantee and offer live customer care by text, phone, and email.

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