Camping is basically an outdoor activity wherein overnight stays away from homes in a tent, a camping vehicle or a recreational caravan. Generally, participants leave behind developed, metropolitan areas to go spend time outdoors in natural ones offering them more enjoyment. Camping can be done both in the wilderness and in urban settings but the latter is considered more adventurous since urban areas are usually packed with people and there is less room for exploration. The most popular destinations for camping are national parks, camp grounds and beaches.

If you pack s’mores, you’re not seeing any particularly solid health benefits in that single meal, and that’s because eating as’more is not at all similar to eating a steak or chicken. Steaks and chicken offer their own health benefits but s’mores lack any real nutritional value. You may be able to get some protein from a cooked salmon fillet but the nutrition remains doubtful. Eating fish on its own is a lot healthier.

Spending time outdoors is all about nature and it provides a feeling of wellbeing that is rarely found in the hectic, noisy city streets. Camping offers something for everyone – adventure, solitude, good food, fresh air, and good conversation. There is no doubt that going camping is therapeutic and actually good for you. But don’t rely on it as the sole reason to go camping. It is a great way to spend some quality time with friends and family. check this website.

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