Green Card Marriage Interview Questions

green card marriage interview questions

During the green card marriage interview questions, the immigration officer will ask a number of personal questions about you and your spouse. These questions may be uncomfortable for some couples, but they are essential to ensuring that your marriage is genuine. The questions the officer asks will also help determine whether you can support yourself and your family in the United States.

These questions often deal with intimate details of your marriage, such as what you and your spouse eat for breakfast, what time you go to bed, who pays the bills, and where you spend your holidays. The immigration officer will also want to know about your general habits, such as how often you and your spouse spend time together, what you like to do for fun, and if either of you has any hobbies.

Can you describe your wedding ceremony and reception

The immigration officer will also question you about each other’s relatives, friends, and colleagues. They will likely want to know who introduced you to your spouse, and how long you have known each other. They will also want to know about your family’s history, such as if any of you have children from previous marriages.

The immigration officer will also want to see evidence of your marriage, such as phone bills, plane tickets, photographs, and letters. It is important to prepare for the interview, and to ensure that all documents are neatly arranged in chronological order so the officer can quickly examine them. You should also bring originals, rather than copies, of the documentation you provide to the officer.

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