The Growing Gaming Industry in Thailand

The gaming market in Thailand is growing. Despite the general lack of English proficiency, games localized for Thai speakers are gaining in popularity. In fact, localized games currently account for half of the gaming market in Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the country is home to many small indie developers. King and Supercell are two of the largest western developers operating in the country, but many smaller developers are also successful.

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In Thailand, gamers are passionate about video games, and are very eager to play new games. Over the past decade, the number of online games has increased exponentially. Whether you prefer competitive or low-key games, you’re sure to find a game that will meet your gaming preferences. Many of Thailand’s gamers are also fans of multiplayer online battle arena games, or MOBAs. ไปที่

The country has also seen significant growth in the field of e-sports, with many international tournaments taking place here. In fact, the Sport Authority of Thailand has recognized e-sports as a legitimate sport. Furthermore, many Thai universities offer programs in e-sports and the gaming industry. It’s a great time to start a business in the gaming industry in Thailand.

Despite being a small market, the gaming industry in Thailand is growing rapidly. Today, 41% of Thailand’s population is gaming on a regular basis. This includes PC, console, and mobile gaming. In fact, the value of this industry in Thailand was around 22 billion THB (about 710 million USD) in 2019 – making it the second largest gaming market in the ASEAN region.