Looking for the best spa in Bali? With a large selection of different types of spas to choose from, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Before you head off to the first one you see, it is a good idea to take a look at what is offered. While there are cheap salons ranging from roadside ones to the more expensive ones, they all will vary in results and quality. So, whether you’re craving a bit of TLC or maybe some rejuvenating spa procedures, Bali is definitely the place to go.

A Day Spa in Bali – Worth Trying

The first on our list of top spa in Bali is located in Kuta, which is a resort town on the island of Bali. Known for its breathtaking views and beautiful scenery, Kuta has a lot to offer visitors who are in search of the best spa in Bali. Kuta offers four different spas: Lumina wellness spa, Aeta wellness center, Health Spa and Massage spa.

The next spa in Bali that can be found in Kuta is called the Edge Spa. This spa is located next to a popular eating street called Ganesha Street and is also close to a high-end beauty mall, an activity center and a shopping center as well. The Edge Spa is known for its deep pore cleansing sessions, which allow participants to detoxify their body from the inside out, and improve circulation throughout the body. Bali’s wellness seekers will find that the Edge Spa will give them everything they need from the inside out!

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