Bed Bugs Control – How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Pesticides

bed bugs control

Toxic Respond over-the-counter consumer pesticides that are advertised to kill bed bugs don’t work well. Aerosol “bug bombs” are usually ineffective too. Bed bugs are very tough insects that have evolved resistance to many types of insecticides.

Thorough cleaning, inspection and treatment is the best way to eliminate bed bugs. A successful bed bug control plan combines nonchemical tactics with pesticides if necessary.

Effective Strategies for Bed Bug Control: Tips for a Pest-Free Home

Steam (heat) and Cryonite (cold) treatments significantly reduce the number of bed bugs and their eggs and can often eliminate a serious infestation without the need for chemical treatment. However, a significant population may remain and require the use of low-risk pesticides. Pest management professionals (PMPs) have access to a variety of effective registered products that they can choose from. They will also follow a thorough checklist and carefully inspect your home to identify the location of bed bug activity.

Before any chemical treatment, make sure to vacuum rugs and floors, wash bedding, clean windows and doors and seal cracks and crevices. Carefully check for and encase your mattress and box spring in a certified bed bug proof encasement. Encasements are a good investment as they prevent you from sleeping directly on the nymphs and adult bed bugs that can hide in the seams, tags and piping of mattresses, box springs and beds.

Avoid second-hand furniture and clothing that might harbor bed bugs. Take care with luggage and other bags when returning from a trip and make sure to check hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs. Reduce clutter and reduce the amount of items that you store in closets, dressers and cabinets.

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