Day: September 25, 2020

Nashville Suboxone Clinics

Nashville Suboxone clinic accepts Tennessee Medicaid. Suboxone, a brand new medication, helps people suffering from drug addiction get off drugs without causing harm to their bodies. This medication comes in the form of a pill that is taken once a day and reduces the amount of heroin or opiate that an addict can take. As people become addicted to these drugs, they often face withdrawal symptoms that include cravings for the drug, insomnia and depression.

Nashville Addiction Clinic

Nashville Suboxone clinic offers immediate access to Suboxone medication assisted treatment. Nashville, TN (October 7,2019) -Mental Health cooperative (MHC), a nonprofit health care cooperative in Nashville, Tennessee, has opened a new Suboxone clinic, specifically designed for members of TennCare, an insurance program administered by the Tennessee Department of Human Services. Suboxone clinics are opening around the country and this is a good example of how a community and its residents can work together to provide access to quality care to their citizens.

The Nashville Suboxone clinic is currently accepting new patients and will be accepting existing members of the TennCare program on a trial basis. The Nashville Suboxone clinic will provide medication-assisted treatment. Nashville Suboxone clinic offers both individual and group therapy. Counselors are available onsite to provide individual and group therapy. If you or someone you know is looking for addiction help and assistance, this clinic offers a variety of treatment options that can help you get clean.