Yoga and Meditation in Bali

Bali meditation is a yoga and meditation paradise, where you can find peace of mind, balance and clarity. The island’s lush natural beauty, pristine beaches and healing traditions make it the perfect destination to recharge and reconnect with your inner self.

Embrace the power of nature with a spiritual journey to one of Bali’s many meditation retreats. Floating Leaf Retreat provides a luxurious replenishment for the soul and offers guided breathing sessions, yoga classes, lifestyle workshops, cultural events and daily meals. You’ll learn to control your breath and relax your mind in the midst of a serene environment with the sound of birds chirping and the gentle trickling of water in the background.

The Art of Inner Peace: Exploring Meditation Practices in Bali

This eco-friendly retreat is set within an ancient ashram in the heart of a jungle and is a place for deep relaxation. Here you’ll experience a transformational journey with the help of qualified meditation teachers and healers. Throughout your stay you’ll be offered traditional Balinese cleansing rituals, chanting, prayer and meditation. This is a retreat for those who want to experience real Bali and the healing that goes with it.

When in Bali it’s polite to greet people with hands in the center of your chest in a form of ‘Namaste’ or with “Om Swastiastu” (May peace be with you). Address men as Bapak and women as Ibu, and remember that it’s considered rude to point with the left hand. Generosity is important in Bali’s culture so don’t be surprised if you are given gifts by strangers.

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