What Does a Temporary Workers Agency Do?

A temporary workers agency helps companies find skilled employees on a short-term basis. This is a common way to fill vacancies for new projects or seasonal shifts. Temp workers may be assigned to tasks like data entry, customer service or other support functions. The agency will screen the employee to make sure they have the right skills to do the job. They will also conduct a health test and background check.

Eu Workers company will then work with the temp worker to understand their needs and the project at hand. Often, this will be done with a brief interview. If the company finds a match, they will then hire the worker to work on their project. The contract with the temp worker will specify the terms of employment, hours worked and wages. It will also outline the scope of work, liability and dispute resolution provisions.

Why Small Businesses Should Consider Using Temporary Workers Agencies

Temporary staffing agencies are subject to a wide range of laws and regulations, which vary by jurisdiction. These include minimum wage, workplace safety and anti-discrimination standards. They must also comply with laws that govern how they classify workers as employees or independent contractors, which can have significant financial ramifications for the agency if misclassified.

A large segment of the American workforce is “temped out,” stuck in low-wage temp jobs for years. This is especially true of people in blue-collar industries like recycling centers and giant warehouses used by big box stores, food processing, janitorial services, auto assembly and parts and white-collar work at all levels of government, big law firms, medical research and finance. Temp jobs also drive down wages for all other employees in a given industry by undercutting union organizing drives and dampening wage demands at the bargaining table.

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