tune it diesel

Tuning your tune it diesel  can help you get more power and torque while also increasing fuel efficiency. You can do this by adjusting the way your engine operates through various means including modifying your fuel injectors and installing a new computer chip. This type of modification can help you save money on gas costs over time and make your vehicle more useful for personal or commercial use.

When federal agents hammered on Jon Long’s door in the early morning hours of July 22, 2020–just weeks into America’s COVID-19 lockdown–they had the warrant to search his home and confiscate diesel tuning products from his company, Openwide Performance. The EPA was looking into his role in the sale of emissions defeat devices that allowed customers to get more horsepower from their trucks. This is an example of the EPA crackdown that has hit many diesel aftermarket pros like Kory Willis, founder of PPEI, who faces $3.1 million in fines for his part in emissions defeat device sales.

Local Diesel Expertise: Finding the Nearest and Most Reliable Diesel Mechanic Shops

But not every diesel expert sees this as a death knell for the aftermarket. Gale Banks of Banks Power, which turbocharged its first diesel engine in 1978, is one such figure who has built a strong reputation by building high-powered compression-ignition engines that don’t blow black smoke and have good fuel economy.

The company is a big player in the diesel market and currently has 485 retailers across North America that can perform tunes for customers’ trucks. The company offers a range of diesel tunes, from the high-performance tune used for truck pulls and racing to a fuel economy tune that helps drivers save on fuel. It is important that any diesel truck owner who is considering getting a tune done does research their options and consults with the proper technicians. It is also a good idea to data log any modifications made so you can know what the results are and if they are beneficial.

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