The Importance of Commercial Pest Control

The Importance of Commercial Pest Control

A commercial pest control¬† treatment program is crucial to protecting your business from infestations. Commercial pest control technicians must adhere to strict business requirements. While residential pest control technicians may be accustomed to providing two-hour service windows, restaurant technicians must be flexible and adhere to thirty-minute windows. They also must complete application reports and sighting logs. These are essential parts of the commercial pest control program. This type of service is vital to your bottom line and your business’s reputation.

The most common way to enter a commercial structure is through the garage door, or by bringing in items that are infested. However, the most common way for pests to enter is through nearby trees and shrubs. Various insects feed on these plants, which then release a substance called honeydew, which attracts other pests. Cockroaches and ghost ants feed on this substance and may find shelter in nearby structures.

Some businesses opt for seasonal services. Insect control services are available only during certain seasons, such as spring and summer. Preventative treatments are ideal for businesses that deal with pests during these times of the year. Preventive treatments will help keep ants, spiders, nesting wasps, and bow elder bugs at bay. These services will last from May through October. In addition to seasonal services, a commercial pest control company can also offer a one-time service. If you’re not in the food handling business, but still run a restaurant, commercial pest control services can help protect your reputation.

Insects are the most common pests in the world. Using a pesticide is important in both prevention and control. The use of approved pesticides will minimize the risk of cross-contamination of materials or foods. The use of electrical insect control devices, for example, needs to be done carefully and in accordance with regulations. Moreover, they must be installed in a location that will allow them to achieve their full effect. For instance, if they are used in a food manufacturing environment, they should be placed on a shelf above the production line and not above the storage area.

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