There are a few things that you can never travel without. A first aid kit, for instance, is an absolute must. Even the smallest cut or scrape can be treated by a first aid kit. Another must-have accessory is a jump starter. Batteries die all the time in RVs, so it’s important to have a portable jump starter. One of the best options on the market is the DBPower portable jump starter, which can provide enough juice to jumpstart your vehicle and get you back on the road.

A compact folding camping table is another must-have accessory for any RV. Not only is it handy for preparing meals while on the road, but it can also be stored in an under-cabinet compartment. Moreover, it is lightweight, weighing only about 10 pounds. Using a table is an excellent way to maximize your RV’s space.

Another RV must-have accessories is a GPS. While you may think that this gadget is outdated in the digital age, it can still be useful if you’re traveling in the wilderness. This gadget is highly portable and has an incredible screen, making it a great way to navigate while off the beaten path.

An RV power cord is another essential item for RV travelers. Unlike a standard house extension cord, which can damage the electrical system, an RV power cord will ensure that the appliances you want to use are safe from power surges. This important accessory plugs directly into an outlet set in your RV. For added protection, you can also invest in a hardwired surge kit.

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