Real Broker Review – Is Real Broker Right For Your Business?

In real estate, a broker can be one of the most important partners you have. Often times, the broker will set the rules for how you run your business and can even impact your bottom line. If you’re interviewing brokers, make sure that they’re a good fit for your business.

As a broker, Real Broker has a lot of great benefits that they offer their agents. They have a robust technology platform, pay less in fees than many franchise based brokerages, and provide team leaders with additional income streams through revenue share and stock bonuses.

Inside Real: Understanding the Brokerage

The company also provides its agents with a supportive community. Agents interact daily with other agents across the country in the Real Broker app and Workplace. They’re a close-knit group of people who genuinely care about each other and are there to help when needed.

Moreover, they’ve created an environment that supports agents with local knowledge and a keen focus on customer service. This helps them stand out in the market as a broker and keeps their agents happy.

Another perk of Real Brokers is that they allow agents to purchase shares directly out of their commission checks and reward them with free shares in the company when they do so. They’ve also built a system that allows agents to easily communicate with their brokers and process clerks in the app and through Workplace.

Real Broker is a great place for agents to hang their licenses. They have a supportive community, a tight-knit group of agents who truly care about each other, and they offer excellent commission structures.

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