IPQS Disposable Email Detection

IPQS disposable email detection

IPQS disposable email detection  is a service that verifies an email address to determine whether it belongs to one of several free or paid disposable email services. These services allow users to create a new email address within minutes and then quickly delete the original address. This type of address is frequently used by fraudsters to commit various types of fraudulent behavior including fake account creation, transaction fraud and SPAM. The free email verification tool above and API integrations verify that an email does not belong to a disposable service, which reduces fraud risk for registrations, logins, payments and other high-risk activities.

Unveiling Disposable Email Detection: Leveraging the Power of IPQS for Enhanced Security

In real time, IPQS checks if an email has been leaked in recent data breaches and dark web leaks. This can include leaked passwords, credit card numbers, personal data and other sensitive information that can be used for spamming, fraud, hacking, fake accounts and more. This reputation check is important for preventing fraud and for maintaining a clean user database.

The free email validator above and the API integrations evaluate the email address to determine its overall quality and identify issues with a list of emails. This includes identifying if the email address is considered a honeypot or spam trap, which can cause higher bounce rates and increased costs for mailing services and spam filtering. The API also evaluates the email to see if it has been reported as a confirmed fraudster in the past, such as a chargeback, fake signup or compromised device, which can negatively impact the reputation of an entire domain.

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