Buying Grand Piano Sets

Grand pianos vary greatly in size and price. The price depends on many factors, such as the brand and quality of the instrument, its build quality and even the additional features it comes with, such as digital piano keys and headphones, to name a few. You will need to know your exact needs before you start shopping for a grand piano, so that you can narrow down your choices. For instance, if you plan to use the instrument as a study instrument and not a playing instrument for other people to sit at and enjoy, then you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a large piano. On the other hand, if you play regularly with other players and the music becomes quite competitive, then you might consider spending more money on a grand piano that offers decent playing capabilities and a wider range of tones and octaves. Read more

Grand Piano Vs Uprights – The Key Difference

First, you need to decide between an upright piano and a grand piano. Upright grand pianos produce a much brighter tone than their upright counterparts, so if you’re more used to playing upright pianos, you may want to choose a grand instead of an upright. Upright grand pianos also have a greater dynamic range, so they can be used in situations where the sound is loud and constant, such as a live concert or recording studio. The dynamic range of a grand is also greater than that of an upright piano, and can be better utilized for louder, more constant music such as jazz or rock. An upright piano usually works best for songs with a slow tempo and a consistent beat, and these types of pianos are often used by professional musicians.

You also need to decide between electronic and acoustic grand pianos. While electronic grand pianos have pre-programmed keys, they usually require the user to tune each key manually using an internal tuning mechanism, which some people find a bit inconvenient. On the other hand, acoustic pianos have strings that vibrate, so they don’t require tuning, although they cannot vibrate as deeply as electronic models. Acoustic pianos are best suited for beginner pianists.

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