Bariatric Vitamin Samples

bariatric vitamin samples

Bariatric vitamin samples

No matter what bariatric samples procedure you undergo, surgery reduces the volume of your stomach and makes it harder to absorb essential vitamins and minerals. That’s why it’s important to start taking your bariatric-specific multivitamins prior to surgery, and to continue taking them for life.

Bariatric Vitamin Samples vs. Traditional Vitamins: What’s the Difference

These bariatric-specific multivitamins include vitamins and minerals in easily absorbed, active forms. They also contain calcium, which is critical for bone and muscle health and is often hard to absorb after bariatric surgery. These bariatric-specific multivitamins are available in chewable tablets, Soft Chews and as a multivitamin with iron. These vitamin supplements come in mango-orange, cranberry-grape and cherry-lime flavors.

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